• Kelly Franklin
    Executive Director

    Kelly Franklin was selected as the Executive Director of the Jefferson Day Report Center and assumed the role July 1, 2020. Kelly has been an employee of the Jefferson Day Report Center since 2018. She has enjoyed her tenure with the agency and is grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve the Jefferson County, WV community in a leadership role.   

    Kelly brings a lifelong dedication to the criminal justice field and has extensive knowledge of both the legal and treatment sides. She was the former Regional Director for Parole & Probation with the WV Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation for many years. Kelly served as a collaborator for research and writing regarding corrections, leadership, oversight, and organization of the offender sanctioning process in the State of West Virginia. Kelly’s prior service includes acting as a victim rights representative, training coordinator, and legal assistant with the Department of Defense- US Army Corp of Engineers Middle East District’s, Office of Counsel. She has extensive experience domestically and internationally. 

    She is a graduate of Shepherd University and an honor’s graduate of American Public University with a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. 

  • John R. Unger, II RCP
    Director of Community Engagement and Economic Development (CEED)

    John Unger has been employed at the Jefferson Day Report Center since March 2020. He is head of the Community Engagement and Economic Development working closely with drug court and the Jefferson County community.

  • Alesha Livesay
    Tele-health Coordinator

    Alesha Livesay, Tele-health Coordinator, is a graduate of American Public University. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and received a Board of Governors in Business from Blue Ridge Technical College. She is certified in LS/CMI, and Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Substance Abuse.

  • Jennifer Lyons
    WV DMV DUI Safety and Treatment Coordinator

    Jennifer Lyons is a social worker and a Recovery Coach Professional.  Jennifer attended Shepherd University for her Bachelor of Social Work.  She earned her Recovery Coach Professional Certification through Greater Recovery and Community Empowerment (GRaCE). Jennifer has worked in various areas of corrections, as well as, non-profit organizations for over 15 years.  Jennifer’s role at JDRC is our WV DMV DUI Safety and Treatment Coordinator.  Jennifer oversees the DUI program at our location, as well as, multiple other day report and private practice locations throughout the state.

  • David Bolls
    Case Manager

    David Bolls is a former Marine with many years of service to the Department of Defense in Battle Simulations and Counter-Intelligence Operations. He settled in Jefferson County and became a Parole and Probation Officer. David brings his law enforcement experience to Jefferson Day Report as a Case Manager. He graduated with honors from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Management.

  • Amanda Bowers
    Case Manager and WV DMV DUI Safety and Treatment Group Facilitator

    Amanda Bowers is a case manager and our WV DMV DUI Safety and Treatment Group Facilitator.  Amanda attended Shepherd University for her Bachelor of Sociology degree with a concentration in Criminal Justice.  Amanda has worked in the criminal justice field for over 10 years.    

  • Tho'Mas Green
    Peer Support Specialist

    Tho'Mas Green has held previous positions supporting those seeking recovery that included Group Facilitator, Addiction Counselor, and Residential Assistant. Tho’Mas is our Peer Support Specialist, and through his lived experience with over 26 years in recovery, he provides support and hope to his peers that recovery is possible. Tho’Mas earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Baltimore in Human Service Administration

  • Jacob Carter
    Program Assisstant

    Jacob Carter joined JDRC as an intern in February 2020, and quickly became an employee.  He attended Blue Ridge Community and Technical College where he earned his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice.  Most recently, Jacob earned his Recovery Coach/Life Coach Certification through Greater Recovery and Community Empowerment (GRaCE).  He is continuing his education pursing a Bachelor of Science in Sociology degree at Shepherd University.  Jacob hopes to continue working in the corrections field after graduation.

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