DUI Program

The West Virginia DMV DUI Safety and Treatment Program at JDRC is a State monitored program designed to assist those charged with Driving Under the Influence with regaining their driving privileges.  Our staff has worked closely with the WV DMV to help people regain their driving privileges. The DUI Program is offered in person, as well as, virtually.  Our classrooms are spacious and comfortable with state-of-the-art audio-visual presentations. Our virtual DUI Program is recognized by the State of WV DMV. Our program offers quick enrollments, and expedited paperwork upon completion, separating us from other area programs. Call us for an appointment.

The DUI program is offered in two different ways to accommodate everyone .  The accelerated class is offered 3 Saturday’s a month.  The traditional class is offered by APPOINTMENT ONLY in a 6 week rotation from 5 pm-8 pm.   

The DUI Program fee is set by the State. The fee includes the initial enrollment, the 18-hour educational program, and workbook (plus shipping and handling).  Clients are required to complete two urine drug screens at the client's expense. JDRC will refer the client to a partner site to have the screenings completed. JDRC does offer the State Indigent Program for clients who meet the income guidelines.  A Substance Abuse Assessment will be necessary if the client had:        

  • 2 or more DUI’s
  • BAC greater than 0.15
  • Permitting DUI
  • No BAC available
  • Refusal of BAC
  • Positive Drug Screen(s)
  • Driving underage of 21  

A standard fee is applied for the Substance Abuse Assessment.

Additional DUI treatment may be required if deemed appropriate by assessment.

To sign up, please go to 'Forms" and complete all the links under the "DUI Intake Forms" section.

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Monday               9 AM-5 PM

Tuesday               9 AM-5 PM

Wednesday        9 AM-8 PM

Thursday             9 AM-5 PM

Friday                   9 AM-5 PM

Saturday                 Closed 

Sunday                   Closed 

***Holiday Schedule will follow State and Federal Holiday Schedule.***

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