The Jefferson Day Report Center, Inc. (JDRC) opened in July 2014. The Center is located in Kearneysville, WV. We employ evidence-based practices that have been proven to have a positive impact on recovery and reducing recidivism. Evidence-based practices increase offender accountability, reduce recidivism, and promote public safety. The focus is always on public safety and providing cost-effective alternatives to incarceration for offenders under Court supervision. The JDRC provides on-site and telehealth medical and mental health services and supervision to pre-trial and sentenced offenders and employs the WV DUI & Driver’s Safety Program along with a vast array of other services for the Department and Health and Human Services.

In 2023, Jefferson Day Report Center expanded with a secondary focus on youth and families, thus creating Jefferson Youth & Family Transitional Services.  The youth and family services program provides extensive individual and group therapy for youth ages 12-18. A team of highly trained, multidisciplinary professionals outline a step-by-step plan for clients to achieve success while under the administration of the JDRC.

Improving your quality of life with Jefferson Youth & Family Transitional Services!

  • Addiction And Recovery
    Addiction And Recovery

    Many treatment plans focus on talk therapy and behavior therapy and can be performed in a group or through one-on-one sessions.

  • Depression And Anxiety
    Depression And Anxiety

    Diagnosing depression involves a psychiatric evaluation and physical tests to determine whether a person’s symptoms are actually being caused by a different disorder.

  • Family Counseling
    Family Counseling

    Family counseling can help open up a line of dialogue and communication and can help family members understand each other’s perspectives.

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